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April News

[Owner] Siuan posted Sun at 2:32

April Newsletter

Howdy folks!  We've got a lot of news for you.  Some good and some bad.  I'll get to the worst of it first!

The Bad News, and A New Beginning

As most of you know, we encountered a corrupted save file this morning and we had to restore a backup from the previous day.  Everyone who was online most of Friday into Saturday morning lost their progress. :/ Unfortunately, this could not be avoided. Furthermore, we reached our max of 100 players Saturday, so we increased our player slots and bought 10 more GBs of RAM.  After the restart to get our extra RAM, we had even more chunk errors.  One chunk we found was completely misplaced and rotated!  On top of all of this, I got a message from another server owner describing exactly what happens to us.  Once we reach about 70 players online our TPS (ticks per second) drops dramatically, no matter how much RAM we have.  We find random chunks that are an entirely different biome than the biome its located in. One example being 4 mushroom biome chunks found surrounded by a savannah biome.  With all that said, I do know (from our crash reports) that there is at least one corrupted chunk somewhere within 500 blocks from spawn.  I can always try resetting all those chunks in that area, but some of those weird chunk errors that happened today were outside of spawn completely, so that leads me to believe that our entire world is just full of corrupt chunks.

We believe that the best thing to do going forward is to entirely reset the map with a fresh seed.  This is so we can be sure to get rid of all those corrupted chunks so we don't run into the same problem in the future!  We know that map resets can totally turn players off from a server, but we can look at this one of two ways.  We can look at it as an end to your builds, or we can look at it as a new beginning for everyone and a chance to make your builds bigger and better!  We are still trying to figure out the best way to move to a new map, but right now our plan is to open up a second world along side the current one and allow players to teleport between the two so they can move their items to the new world without having to save resources in your inventory.  New players would automatically spawn in the new map.  We will need to do some testing to make sure this can be done, but that is our current plan!

Ranks, vote totals, claimblock totals, and shops will be ported over.  Anyone who has purchased spawners/spawn eggs on the webstore, will get those items back to use on the new map.

We plan to have the new map up by this weekend so players can begin moving over.  The new map will be twice as big and we hope to be able to pregenerate chunks to get rid of new chunk generation lag!

New Staff

As most of you have seen, we have some new faces on our staff team!  Charismx has been promoted to Admin and FreyaRoseJane has been promoted to Moderator due to their dedication, hard work, and team player attitudes!  We have quite a few new Helpers as well, they are: Sarah_Senpai, RattyTatTat, FoxxyWoxxie,  LewTGM, Mereruven, punchy98, AbiNormal, DaveyPloo, EraYachi, and GemFrost I hope you will join me in congratulating them on their promotions! They've earned them. :) I would also like to say that I am incredibly pleased and quite moved at not only the amount of applications we received, but the amount of effort put into them!  Even if you didn't make it this time to Helper rank, I want to say that I appreciate all of you and all you do to make this an amazing community!  There are quite a few of you that are on our "keep an eye on for next time" list so keep up the good work!  If anyone has any questions about the promotions, please PM either @Siuan, @Zyp, or @Charismx.

In Search of a New CrateKeys plugin!

Our current plugin is a bit broken and the author has seemingly abandoned it as he hasn't responded to anyone on his Spigot plugin page in months.  It seems that with each new spigot build that comes out, it gets a little worse. D: I'm sure some of you have noticed that you don't receive the correct amount of items sometimes. For example, getting 5 oak logs instead of the amount is says of  64 logs.  Hopefully, I can set it up so your current keys will open the crate!  If not, there will be a villager at spawn to trade in old keys for new ones.


Our new shop area has been live for about two weeks now.  We are very happy with how they've turned out and we hope you are, too!  Our goal was to make the area appealing, yet easily navigable.  Don't forget to read the Info book at /warp shops so that you better understand how the system works! :D


Starting in May we will be reopening individual staff evaluations.  To those of you who were not here for the last round of evals, we will have evaluation forms for all moderators, admins, and owners available for you to fill out anonymously.  All submissions are completely anonymous.  This is so you have no fear of any retaliation. (Not that we would do that anyways!)  Please be honest so we can continue to improve as a staff team!  There will be a link to them soon!  We appreciate your feedback!  


I'm sure you've all noticed by now, but we've installed ClearLagg to counter some of the entity lag we experience.  Entities and loaded chunks are the biggest cause of any lag we experience, so we hope this will help with that!  ClearLagg will not clear ground items.  It will only clear unnamed hostile mobs.  There are also mob limits set in place.  There cannot be more than 80 mobs within a 15 block radius or 80 within 1 chunk.

Gold Farm

There is a Public Gold farm available to all Veteran ranks and higher!  This is a vote rank exclusive perk, it is not available to donators unless they have also reached Veteran rank.  We have plently of donator rank exclusive perks, I think it's about time we had one for vote ranks!

Vote Streak Rewards

IAmBlackBear is currently working on getting us rewards for vote streaks!  There will be rewards for voting so many days in a row.  Stay tuned!

Head Series

The new head series is out and I am so excited to have a series that I actually know something about!  I kind of went all out on the items. :3 There are 33 in total. There are 17 in the SwanCrate and 16 in the DonatorCrate.

Death Point

There seems to have been some confusion about the death point plugin. (/dp) This was introduced for players' convenience since most ranks don't have access to /back.  This wasn't introduced so that mods could TP everyone back to their death points.  That kind of defeats the purpose of not having /back and it is a waste of staffs valuable time.  If you happen to die from a game glitch or from PvP and the other player won't TP you back, of course we will TP you to your death point.  But if you die of your own accord or negligence, then staff will not teleport you to your death location.  If you falsely claim that you died from a glitch or PvP and we find out about it, you could face punishment for filing a false claim and lying to staff.
Stay safe and be responsible with your items! :D

[Owner] Siuan All of these questions are answered in the post. :/
Toyger When is the reset scheduled to be? I hope soon.
Apqle By having the new map, are we going to start fresh on everything even echest and invs? or just purely the map thats goin...

Introducing our newest staff member, SowThistle!

SowThistle has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the server through her hard work and dedication!
She has more than done her fair share of building for the server.
As such, we have decided to officially make her a member of the staff team!

She will continue to have her Builder rank tag, but has the same permissions as a Helper.  She should be respected as any other staff member.

Please join me in welcoming her to the staff team!

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

SvonyxGaming Congrats Sow! Its well deserved for you!
AlondraYuki Congratulations!!!
Alan_AJ97 Congratz!

Staff Evaluations

[Owner] Siuan posted Mar 18, 17

Staff Evaluations

Now Closed!

Hey guys, I'd really like to share the results of the individual staff evaluations with their respective staff members, but I'm running into one problem: Not many people have done them!

I would really like them to have as much feedback as possible before sharing the results with them.  If you can manage to find a few minutes and evaluate each staff members, that would be very much appreciated!  Each evaluation takes 2-5 minutes, depending on if you leave any comments or not.  All responses are 100% anonymous, so you don't have to worry about any "backlash."  (Not that we would retaliate angainst any of you anyways, it's just for your peace of mind!)
You may find all evaluations here.
We are treating this as a learning experience, but we need your help!
We will re-open individual staff evaluations in May.
Thank you to everyone who has completed the evaluations!
We appreciate you!
willsmithda3rd When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
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