These are what I think are my Fav ones before i get into the others
Death: Enderman
%plrtag% Had a staring test with a Enderman but lost
A drowned couldent find any Brain Coral so it used %plrtag% as a subsitute
%plrtag% Was Slain by a Dumb annyoing stupid terror of the Skys called a Phantom

I thought the phantom deaths makes since bc ppl get annoyed to death about them...literely
Moving on to other ones.

This is the Phantom airline as we have Landed on %plrtag%

Death: Suicide or water death
%plrtag% forgot to breath

%plrtag% Ate a spider web. Bleah

Death: PvP
%plrtag% was tickled to death by %killer%

Death:Drowed with Trident
A drowned tried feeding %plrtag% to much with its Giant Fork

%plrtag% taught his dog play dead the wrong way

%plrtag% thought the creeper wanted to Play

%plrtag% wanted to hug the "Fluffy Fish." The "Fluffy fish" dident Agree.

Death: Suicide
%plrtag% was one block short of Finishing

Death: Polar Bear
%plrtag% Wanted to Hug the Teddy bear. Mr Teddy dident agree

Mr.Drowned dident Like %plrtag% Puns