How to Reach Staff for Help

  1. Use /helpop [message] in game. This sends us a bolded message in chat that is easy to see.
  2. Private message us in game. /msg [player] [message]
  3. Say our full username in chat. A lot of us use 5zig and have certain words ping us or highlight in chat. Some of these words are: help, staff, our usernames/nicknames, Helper, Mod, Moderator, Admin,Owner
  4. If it is not anything urgent, please post on the forums about it. Staff will help when they are free.
  5. Post in the #get-help-from-staff channel on discord. Some of us have push notifications for that channel to our phones.
  6. Use @Helper, @Moderator, @Admin, or @HerMajesty. Alternately, you can @user, if you need a specfic one of us. (p.s. There are a lot of instances where a player thinks they need an Admin or myself, but a Helper or Mod can help.)
  7. DM a staff member on discord or forums. Please use this if it's a private matter or you know only that person can help you. Ya'll are free to chat with us anytime, though!


  1. Staff have a lot more messages and hullaballo going on in chat than players. Whereas, you might see 10 messages in a minute, we might see 60.
  2. We often get PMs or are helping players in PMs.
  3. Sometimes we are building or playing and lose focus on chat. We all joined SwanCraft to play and have a good time, too. :)
  4. A lot of times, we are doing other staff duties that clog up our chat or steal our focus.
  5. Sometimes we are helping more than 1 person at a time.
  6. Sometimes we answer questions in chat via PM.
  7. And sometimes we simply don't see the message because we're human and miss things, too.
  8. We don't mean to ignore anyone ever, but with the amount of players we can have on the server at any one time, it happens. We are always trying to improve our attention on chat and response time to players, but sometimes we just want a break. Being staff isn't easy and we need time to relax, too. Staff are almost constantly staffing, which isn't fair on them. If somethings not urgent, please post it on the forums and a staff member will get to it when they are free.

You guys are always free to vent your frustrations. You won't get in trouble for it, if it's done respectfully, but there is a time and a place. These types of things are best left to forums or PMs. The "Player Reports" section on forums is private. Only staff see your posts. If you aren't comfortable with those options, there are the surveys.
We used to have a Complaint Form, but despite stating that it's not for ban appeals, bug reports, grief reports, and player reports, that was 90% of the submissions we got so I closed it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.