Get ready to search!
I present to you a scavenger hunt, but instead of traversing countless blocks for hours at a time, all of the clues can be found at our very own spawn!
Once you find all of the clues, /mail me with all of the letters/numbers in order, withoutspaces. If correct, I will deliver you the prize. ONLY ONE PRIZE, so first person to mail me wins. Teams can split the prize.

Have fun!

The prize features:

1x [nerfed] Murderer's Mask
1x [nerfed] Murderer's Axe
1x Christmas Kit Voucher
3x Donator Crate Keys
3x Swan Crate Keys
6x Diamond Blocks
2x Looting III Enchant Books
2x Instant Health Potions
(Image in attached screenie)

1. This letter belongs to resting place of a great schematic user
2. The missing letter of a former helper’s IGN located on a friendly 'Hi'
3. A large white letter in a window
4. The second letter of the symbol on a large bird's chest
5. The Y-coordinate of the highest point in spawn while standing on it, close to a hall of high voters
6. Number of birthday wishes on Siuan’s birthday board
7. First letter of the food located in the hidden staff room
8. The first letter of a blue time-traveling telephone
9. The first letter of a dank villagers whole name
10. First letter of an admin army general’s IGN
11. First letter of the player who lost a dog on a stone path
12. The bottom letter of a sign that seems happy you found it