So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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A few of you might have seen my good bye on the server, and I had a few ask why I was leaving so I'll post what I can here.

I've been in the server for around two or so years? I cant quite remember. I came to the server looking for that old Minecraft feel, before all the Kit PvP, Sky Block, and all the mini game crap, a server that had a soul still, and I found it here. After a few months it became the only server I ever played on, and me playing on it every day. And the server has grown a lot in that time and I feel somewhat left behind, not because of the server evolving but more because of my choices. I dont actually have any friends on the server and I never really talked to anyone or interacted with the community, I place no blame on the people or the server, the fault lies with me. I am socially broken, and I mostly liked being on there to just watch other people interact because it made me feel like I was part of a community. But after doing that for a year I didnt feel the same connection to the server (if you can call my weird stalking an interaction), but stayed because I had paid for my ranks and felt obligated to keep playing when I should have taken a break, but it was also the only server I played on, and the only social game I played.

I have used the server as my social interaction substitute for too long, and I feel its time to try and force myself outside for a change because I know I would never start on here, I dont feel good about leaving and I might come back at some point, but it wont be any time soon. I know from being around you all that you are all wonderful people and again, none of you are at fault for anything, I want to make that clear.

I hope that if I do come back that the server still has that special feel to it that all the other ones have lost.

But until then, thank you all for simply being around.
Posted Mar 11, 19 · OP
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Oh my, i'm sorry, I know we were never close or anything but, i wish the best for you and what your future holds, maybe even try being social? it can be fun!
<3 Best wishes ~Coox (and the rest of the server, but i'm the first to comment so hah)
Posted Mar 11, 19
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Ive seen you hangin around in the shadows... (not that that’s a bad thing... I did that two) But, I wish you the best in life! Cya later
"Don't wait for life to conquer you. You conquer life."

Posted Mar 11, 19
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Sorry to hear you're leaving, but I totally agree, sometimes you just need to come up for air, spring is on the way and along with it, spring training, spring break, and sunshine!
Posted Thu at 06:23 pm