Super Rough Draft
Will finish when I get back home from Florida next week.

Update Aquatic
Hey guys! We're finally on 1.13! It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here.


Why did it take so long?

We all know that 1.13 came out last summer, but, since this was a big update, plugin authors were not able to get new compatible versions of their plugins out right away or even within a few months.  We were mostly waiting on Essentials to update to a stable build.  They released one at the end of December.  Through testing, we found that several plugins needed replacements or had bugs that needed fixed.  1.13 introduced what is known as "The Flattening."  This modifies the IDs ​​of many blocks, items, biomes, particles, paintings, entities, statistics and sound events, removes numeric IDs, adds and removes some block states, and change NBT tags and display names.  This forced plugin authors to make huge changes to their plugins, which took a lot of time for some.  For example, the player shop plugin still is not bug free.  You'll notice that most signs no longer display the owners name at the bottom.  Instead, it lists what the item is.  This is because Twiz had to edit the plugin himself as there was a bug that didn't display what was being sold.  Players wouldn't have any idea what they're buying if it wasn't renamed in an anvil or through commands.  Luckily, Twiz found this workaround or else we'd have had to find another shop plugin.

Before the server went offline for the update, the staff team attempted to generate all the new terrain by flying around the map. We did this on a test server of ours and transferred over those new map files to the main server.  We had used dynmap so we had a visual representation of what we had generated.  Everything seemed hunky-dory.  It was only after opening on March 4th and experiencing major lag that we realized a lot of those files didn't transfer over properly, or weren't generated in the first place.  Thus, we took down the server again for several days to generate what was missed.  Since then, everything seems to be running relatively smoothly.  Fingers crossed!

What's new?

Oceans!! As this is the Aquatic update, oceans have gotten a major overhaul!  You'll find lots of new fishies actually swimming in the ocean, dolphins, turtles, sunken ships and ruins, and some new baddies, too.  Fish will spawn in all waters, even those not in the new 1.13 terrain.  Yes, water animal spawns have been lowered from vanilla values for lag reduction.  Get your explorin pants on, as there's lots to see!

We were forced to remove /pweather for now, as tridents will activate when setting it to storm, even though it's not actually raining on the server.  This would give those with access to the command an unfair advantage.  Hopefully, this is just temporary until the Essentials plugin team can fix it.

Phantoms are a new baddie mob that will attack players who haven't slept at night time.  Players are not required to sleep through the night.  Simply click your bed to be free from attack.

Known issues

Please check your backpacks, /bp.  Some items lost their colored names upon updating the plugin.  Only some players were affected.

Please report any issues to our Bug Report section on the forums.  Note that it may seem like an empty forum, however, users can only view their own posts in this section.  https://www.swancraftmc.com/forum/m/39419318/viewforum/7509919

Events & Related Stuffs

The deadline for the latest Map Art Competition has been extended until March 22nd.
Christmas Kit boxes will not be nerfed until March 31.
The Valentines warp is still open for you to collect your gifts, if you participated in the Secret Valentines event. /warp Valentines

What will happen to the temporary Creative server?

The temp Creative server will be taken down next week sometime.  A map download will be provided if possible.

Halloween News

[Owner] Siuan posted Oct 25, 18

It's nearly Halloween and, before we get Spookalicious on the server, we have some new things to tell you about!


Our annual Halloween Kit is now purchasable on the Donation Store for $10.00.
This kit is available to buy for a limited time only!
After Nov 10, 2018, you will not be able to buy access to the kit again until next October.
Buying this package will give you permanent access to /kit Halloween.  This /kit can be used once per week and will give you one Halloween Kit Voucher that you can redeem at /warp TradeRoom for 1 of 3 Halloween themed Kit Boxes.
The weapons and armor in these three kits all have either a potion effect or are unbreakable. This is what is referred to as the "pre-nerf" Halloween items.
After Dec 13, 2018, all future weekly boxes will be nerfed.  This means that the potion effects will be removed, as well as the unbreakable attribute.

Halloween Series

You will find a new Halloween Collectible Series in the Donator crate this season.  Half of the series is in the crate while you will have to find the other half of the collection scattered around the Fall Festival area.  Each item can be bought for 3 Head Vouchers and 1 Diamond Block.
Look for the wither skeletons!
Some are more hard to find than others.
Good luck!


Halloween Sale

Starting Friday, October 26, there will be a 15% off sale in the Donation Store to celebrate Halloween!

Sale will end on November 3 @5am EST.

Halloween Orb Set

Coming Very Soon!

Get your Orbs ready to choose from three different sets of Orb armor!

Happy Halloween!

Be safe this Halloween season.  We are looking forward to pictures of Halloween costumes!

lolcatgod nice and spice

To celebrate Pride Month, we will be holding a charity donation drive for The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization that aims to provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth.  From June 23 - June 25 @midnight EST, 30% of all server donations will be directly donated to The Trevor Project

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award winning short film "Trevor", The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. Trained counselors offer confidential services through their hotline, The Trevor Lifeline.  They also offer the following resources:

  • The Trevor Lifeline - 1-866-488-7386 Available 24/7/365
  • TrevorChat - An online chat feature with counselors. Available 7 Days A Week, (3pm–10pm ET / Noon–7pm PT).
  • TrevorText - Text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200.  Available M-F, (3pm–10pm EST / Noon–7pm PT)
  • Trevor Space - An online international peer-to-peer community (forum) for LGBTQ young people and their friends.
  • Trevor Support Center - Where LGBTQ youth and allies can find answers to FAQs and explore resources related to sexual orientation, gender identity and more.
  • Education Training Resources to help counselors, educators, administrators, school nurses, and social workers discuss LGBTQ-competent suicide prevention.
  • Suicide Prevention Resources to help parents, educators, family, and friends learn the warning signs and risk factors of suicide.

Although they have limited resources to help internationally, they do provide access to some international resources.

The Trevor Project was inspired by the Oscar-winning short film, Trevor.  A dramedy of a gay thirteen year old who attempts to take his own life after being rejected by his friends for his sexuality.

The film can be watched here. Click the YouTube button if the video will not play.

It has been my honor to host charity donation drives on SwanCraft in the past. There isn't much that can top the feeling of seeing this community's outpouring of love and support!  I'm always proud of you guys, but watching you all band together behind a cause makes my heart swell with pride. (yeah, yeah. Corny I know! Deal with it! xD)

This time around I'd like to set an actual goal for us to reach.  I'd like to see us reach $500 donated to The Trevor ProjectWe've done it before, we can do it again!

Click here to go to our store.

In other SwanCraft Pride news:

A Pride Mini-Series has been added to the crates! This series was created by SGTCMadison666. Be sure to thank her! <3

There is a Celebrate Pride thread on the forums that Madison also created.  This is to share about coming out stories, or any other experiences you'd like to share.  Please remember to be respectful and keep any negative thoughts to yourself.  Click here to read, share, or comment!

With love,
Siuan and the SwanCraft Staff